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The Center of Study and Treatment of Renal Diseases (CETER), was inaugurated On August 29, 1986, and it is located in the Av. Joaquín de Viana s/n esq. Ventura Alegre (Maldonado's department - Uruguay).
It is the only center of dialysis of the zone and possesses long experience with patients, so much place since of the exterior. Integrating a multidisciplinary qualified equipment, nowadays it serve to more than 70 patients of Maldonado, top of this and neighboring cities, as well as a visitors' important number of other departments and countries. Today, one tells with a medical staff that it offers, besides Hemodialysis's treatment, consultations of urgency the 24 hours of the day.
It is important to emphasize that from its beginning, CETER has supported an accessible, and enclosed duty to signed agreements with some assurances to facilitate the access to particular patients.
From the year 2003 there has joined the technology of Dialysis Ambulatory Peritoneal Chronic (DPCA).
The technical direction is exercised by the Dr. Teresita Llopart Forne, ex-teacher of Nephrology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Uruguay, and recognized professional in our country and in Argentina.

A session of dialysis includes:

Materials and Medication Intradialysis (anticoagulant (Heparin Sodium), sedatives, analgesic, antiallergic, anti-emetic).
Laboratories examinations of routine.
Consults nephrological when it is needed.

They are not included:

Eritropoyetin (of being indicated it will have to be provided for the patient).
Iron (of being indicated it will have to be provided for the patient).
Movement of the patient to the Center.



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