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CETER nowadays counts with 9 equipments FRESENIUS 4008 B and 8 FRESENIUS 4008 S with module OCM (origin Germany) recently acquired. All of them with ultra controlled filtration.
2 rooms exist: the principal one with 13 seats and one annexes with 6 seats.
The used inputs are also FRESENIUS; the Solid Bicarbonate (BI-BAG), Polisulfona's fibers HP (F7, F8 and F10 of high permeability) and Needles of Water-pipe. The material of disinfection that is manipulated is An Acid Peracetic (Puristeril). As for the water treatment there is realized by the Inverse Osmosis mark OSMONIC (origin USA), to that joined in October, 2007 a Sterilizing Unit (origin Argentina) that includes ultraviolet ozone and beams, incorporated, which guarantees an ideal quality of the water of dialysis.


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